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You have probably heard other people talking about the marketing potential of social media. You might even have one or two accounts yourself. But perhaps you struggle with getting the kind of results you’d like.

How do all of those digital influencers manage to recruit an army of faithful supporters? How come for some businesses, social media is the main source of traffic - while others struggle to get any engagement at all?

A couple of years ago, I asked myself the same questions. Frustrated with an outdated approach and a lack of practical information from my university, I decided to do my own research. My initial interest turned into a passion, and resulted in what my dissertation tutor called “A Designer’s Manual to Online Marketing.

I am a big believer that theory needs to go hand-in-hand with experience. Therefore, while compiling my thesis, I started a personal Instagram profile, which has grown to over 27k followers.

While to some, this might seem extraordinary, it wasn’t a matter of luck. With proper training and a good strategy, anybody can experience these kinds of results - and let me tell you, it’s a whole lot more fun once you start seeing success!

With a background in textile design, I have chosen to work specifically within the interior industry. Our industry requires a good understanding of both creativity and marketing. The services I offer are individualised, targeted, hands-on; and most importantly, easy-to-follow.

Some of the most creative people work in the interior industry. You know your craft and your mission. Whether your goals are to create brand awareness, get more website traffic or improve the quality of your leads, I am here to help you take control and make it happen.